Worried about the new 2021 E&M visit guidelines?

We've got you covered with our latest coding worksheet.


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Prepare your practice for 2021's E&M coding changes.

Updates to the E&M guidelines in 2021 mean changes in the way pediatricians will choose the appropriate codes for each E&M visit. If you're anticipating the guidelines but don't know how to get started implementing them in your everyday visits, we have the tool for you: PCC's E&M Coding Worksheet for 2021!

Pediatricians depend on Evaluation & Management codes as some of their most consequential visit types -- and therefore, their revenue. Following the guidelines means meeting your highest earning potential! To get ahead and start the new year off right, take an early resolution to use this tool at each visit and prioritize "patients over paperwork".

This tool covers:

  • How to level a visit based on time instead of physical and history based on AMA guidelines

  • How to level based on medical decision-making based on AMA guidelines

  • A handy chart to take notes as you practice

  • A workspace for tracking the minutes you've spent on a patient's case before, during, and after the visit

  • A quick-reference chart for common procedures for new and established patients based on time

Embracing the new guidelines means that pediatricians can begin to code and level their visits with patients in a way that more naturally reflects the way that physicians work. Don't be afraid to get started!


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