Learn the five mistakes that keep you from running a successful practice.

This webinar is the first of six and was recorded on January 31st 2018.

In this webinar, PCC’s Chip Hart covers:

  • Practice Management Tips
  • Branding and Marketing Your Practice
  • Why You Need to Focus on Preventive Care

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When you've watched that one make sure to watch these follow up recordings as well:

Lack of Preventive Care Focus

Chip covers:

  • discusses the impact a proper preventive care program will have on your practice
  • reviews data and benchmarks that will help you assess your performance
  • shares real life tips and tricks to improve your clinical response and financial impact

You're Not Doing Your Homework

 Chip covers:

• the measures and benchmarks every pediatric practice should know
• how to avoid classic financial report mistakes
• ways to adopt a consistent management To-Do list
• how to leverage Evidence-Based Practice Management



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