PCC users can now integrate with CHADIS, the online screenings provider.

Pediatricians use screenings for dozens of reasons, and now on PCC EHR, they're easier to access than ever. PCC practices can now integrate with all of CHADIS's questionnaires and tools. The best part? No more printing!

Watch now and join experts Jim Leahy from PCC and Sharissa Epps from CHADIS as they guide you through the first steps of integrating CHADIS to your EHR. Before long, you'll have electronic screenings available for all of your patients in one stress-free workflow.

During the webinar, Jim and Sharissa will share:

  • A preview of how questionnaires will appear in your EHR, right in the patient's chart!
  • How integration will work for your practice
  • How the right screenings will be sent to your patients automatically by visit type
  • How patients can access their screenings straight from the Patient Portal
  • Your commonly asked questions, answered!

If you're like us, you're excited to get started, so please join PCC and CHADIS in this overview webinar to cover everything here and more.