From Social Media to Patient Advocacy: How to Succeed as a 21st Century Pediatrician

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The modern independent pediatrician wears many hats, as a physician,  employer, and business owner. You know it's not enough to wait for patients to come to your office by chance, so your practice also manages social media pages and a website. But how can you grow your practice further to meet the needs of the rapidly changing, modern healthcare world?

In this webinar, PCC's Chip Hart and Dr. Todd Wolynn of Kids Plus Pediatrics discuss How to Succeed as a 21st Century Pediatrician. Dr. Wolynn is a pediatrician, lactation expert, and self-styled CEO of Kids Plus Pediatrics, which is a nationally recognized Pennsylvania practice with a stellar social media presence, hundreds of Youtube videos, and a strong advocate for children.

Chip Hart is Director of PCC's Pediatric Solutions consulting group and author of the popular blog Confessions of a Pediatric Practice Consultant (chipsblog.pcc.com). Chip's 25 years of pediatric practice management expertise has helped hundreds of pediatricians increase their clinical and financial health.

Chip and Todd's discussion includes their insights on:

  • The struggle of families to afford healthcare
  • Proving your online value with great website design and how to get your online presence off the ground
  • The role of your practice as a voice for kids
  • Engaging millennial parents with effective storytelling
  • Learning from the innovations of other practices and physicians
  • The importance of learning risk tolerance
  • Fighting disinformation on social media

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About Chip Hart

For nearly 30 years, Chip has helped hundreds of pediatricians increase their clinical and financial health as part of PCC’s consulting practice. He has conducted many successful insurance contract negotiations on behalf of his clients and worked as a consultant for the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the AAP Section of Administration and Practice Management (SOAPM).





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