Starting an independent pediatric practice and taking a step on your own is a big move. There's so much to consider about opening a new practice that it can be hard to know where you should focus your energy and when. As you gain traction, learning who to partner with, and how to manage the future of your business can bring a whole new set of challenges.

Join Susanne Madden of The Verden Group and Chip Hart of PCC's Pediatric Solutions Group to learn about the key areas any pediatrician should be focusing on when they're starting their own practice.

In this informal Q&A, Chip and Susanne cover:

  • How to hire partners and staff the right way
  • What's important in your business plan
  • Common pitfalls of startup practices
  • How to evaluate partners and vendors who will support your practice

Whether you are thinking of taking steps into creating your own business or are a new pediatrician, be sure to check out Susanne and Chip's top tips for startup practices.

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