Integrated Behavioral Health: A Guide to Expanding Access

Integration in a way that makes sense for your practice

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You may have already heard the benefits of integrating behavioral health at your practice. It's a win/win: you get more time with sick patients and in well visits, and your patients get the quality of care and longer visits that help make them happier and healthier. Integration can also help you save money and do what you do best as a pediatrician: extend great healthcare to all the kids who need it. Integrating behavioral health services can work for your practice if you know how.

With the advice from this eBook, you'll be able to: 

  • Choose the integration method that works for your business.
  • Refer or consult with experts to provide the best quality of care for BH patients.
  • Reduce the wait time and obstacles patients have in being referred to another office.
  • Select the right candidate to work with you to care for all of your patients' needs -- mental, social, physical, and emotional.

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