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Marketing Your Pediatric Practice in the Digital Age

As a pediatrician, you excel at the clinical and financial aspects of your practice, but do you really know how to market your business?

Why should pediatricians market their services? Because while word of mouth can get you a gold standard reputation, to get more patients, more specialized visits (such as for flu shots, behavioral healthcare, or adolescent/sports medicine) you need to set up shop where parents search for you: on social media and on search engines.

In this eBook, we share with you the key concepts of marketing a practice, from finding your unique story to hiring a consultant. We'll cover delegation and strategy, so that while you're busy practicing medicine, your practice's online reputation can grow.

Learn how to use SEO principles, paid tools for Google and social media, and how to hire a quality consultant to help your practice's marketing strategy succeed.

This comprehensive eBook will guide you on the best ways to:

  • Design and maintain a modern website
  • Engage parents on social media
  • Use SEO tactics to bring more visitors to your website
  • Use the events, activities, and services that make your practice unique to connect with your community

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