Short on time but need your billing questions answered?

PCC invites you to bring your questions, challenges, and your best billing strategies to an Interactive Open Web Lab of your peers and PCC experts on April 13th, 2021 from 1:30 to 4:30pm EDT on Zoom.

This session is a casual event designed to operate at your convenience -- arrive when you can, stay as long as you'd like, or stop by just for friendly conversation with your billing colleagues, who know your work better than anyone else.

What you might see during the open lab (it's led by you!):

  • Questions & answers for common challenges, such as your state's Medicaid and regulations
  • Focused break-out rooms for in-depth conversation
  • Shared knowledge, strategy, and expert advice
  • Networking & community
  • Insight on how best to use PCC tools for billing

Join us on Tuesday, April 13th on Zoom. Just complete the form on the right to receive a link and join the conversation!