Develop a Patient Recall System

Create a custom recall system for your practice to keep your schedule full and patients healthy.  


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The answer to slow schedules or overwhelming visits during flu season? Your schedule, optimized with patient recall.

Many practices view patient recall as one of an endless list of tasks, but actually, patient recall is a process that can stabilize revenue cycles, keep schedules full, and keep patients engaged with their healthcare.

Patient recall systems can be adapted for the scenario that suits an independent pediatrician's specific goals. Looking to open a new asthma care program? Grow the practice? Improve HEDIS measures? Simply get schedules at a happy medium between "super busy" and "super slow"? Patient recall helps put tangible goals and challenges in perspective so that you can automate the process and get back to the important part of recall -- the patients.

These customizable worksheets include:

  • Instructions to build and delegate patient recall projects to committed teams

  • How to track vaccines, well visits, and other data to identify opportunities and progress

  • Customizable templates to print or share

  • Guidance for improving HEDIS measures for PCMH qualifications

  • A "beginner's" template for practices just getting started on patient recall processes

Patient recall looks slightly different at each practice because your patients are unique in their needs and habits. With customizable templates to update as you work on patient recall projects with your team, you can track your growth in real time and learn to make patient recall an intuitive workflow that serves you all year long.


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