You know that preventive care is at the core of good health for kids and teens, and it's important to your practice too. Preventive care helps you measure ongoing health, grow relationships with patients, and saves parents money on high-deductible plan costs.

As you transition your focus from preventive visits to acute care every year when the kids start school (and start getting sick) it's important to remember that preventive visits continue to be vitally important to the financial health of your practice. Why?

  • Preventive care pays well (better than sick visits)
  • These visits are the ones that fill your schedule
  • They expand your value to the patient's family
  • Preventive care includes more than just CPT 99213

In this webinar, PCC's Chip Hart underscores the importance of making preventive care a priority for patients and families by sharing hard data, practice management philosophies, and concrete steps that will help you run a smarter pediatric practice.

Listen as Chip explores the data, debunks preventive care myths, and tells the ratio of sick to well visits you need in order to save $60,000 a year.

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