Revenue cycle management is never as simple as you'd like it to be. Changing rules and criteria for payment from payers can catch unwary billers unawares and scrambling to find the right modifier, code, or procedure. Meanwhile, miscommunication at the front desk leads to incorrectly coded visits. What does this mean for you? Lost revenue and a stressed out team.

Learn exactly where and how the entire practice can lean on each other to create clean claims, establish routines, and make sure you're never leaving your revenue on the table.

Join PCC's Chip, Jan, and Lynne, as well as PedsOne senior staff member Betsy Boyce as they share their tips and tricks to help you navigate the world of insurance payments. They're here with the background knowledge of payer regulations, billing, and coding to help your claims go out cleaner and come back faster. This panel of experts have a lifetime of billing and front desk experience between them, and in their discussion, they cover:

  • The real value of your front desk and billing team in revenue cycles
  • How to build a checks and balances system to protect yourself from fraud and money mishandling
  • Routines that help claims get cleaner in clear, iterative processes

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