The 5 Biggest Business Mistakes Pediatricians Make

Why do good independent pediatricians fail?

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Failure is an opportunity to reassess and learn from mistakes. While you're good at your profession, it's not enough to simply be a good pediatrician anymore. You also need to understand and excel at the business of pediatrics to make an independent practice truly thrive.

It's easy to develop habits over time that allow you to just get by, but not excel in your practice. With a few simple changes, you can improve your business, delight your patients, and create a better workplace culture. Take the opportunity of mistakes to make your practice stronger and more agile than ever.

Written by Chip Hart, PCC's Director of Pediatric Solutions, this comprehensive eBook, the first in our "Pediatric Business" series, will teach you:

  • Why to place your focus on preventative care
  • How to do the required homework on running a successful business
  • How to get involved in the pediatric community in order to grow your practice
  • Why impressions (and marketing) matter, even for longstanding practices
  • The common hiring mistakes that prevent a positive workplace culture

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